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Paladins- Splitstone Quarry

Splitstone Quarry was the first Paladin's map I had the opportunity to both do the style guide for and served as lead concept artist. The concept team did a wonderful job- thanks to Maeve Broadbin, Wes Wheeler, and Gabi Overberg for their kickass work, and of course the whole 3d team for bringing it to life. I think the team was pretty happy with how this map came out.

These are just a few of the concepts I did for this map, there were many more.

Anna christenson qm keyart final 01

Key Art

Anna christenson splitstonequarry paladins2

Some piece of the style guide, showing example of roofs, doors, walls, and interior/exterior structures.

Anna christenson splitstonequarry paladins3

A few of the buildings, which had to fit to the gameplay blockout given to us from design.